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Investing in ships

The Dutch government offers shipping companies support in the form of fiscal facilities that stimulate growth. Financing a ship through a limited partnership (Dutch shipping-CV), in which private investors participate, brings one such facility within reach. Participating (with from as little as 5,000 Euros upwards) in a limited partnership offers investors fiscal advantages and the prospect of attractive returns.

Since 2001, our shipping company has invested approximately 345 million Euros in ships, more than 134 million of which has been brought in as limited partner capital contributions by almost 11,000 investors. This makes us one of the largest shipping investment brokers in the Netherlands.

Although details can vary per limited partnership, the financing arrangement is almost always the same. Two-thirds of the ship’s capital is raised by a mortgage loan from a bank and the remaining third by limited partners. The limited partnership issues are organised by Universal Marine Investments in Krimpen aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. This office is also the point of contact for participants and regularly informs participants about the financial performance of their ship.