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Succesfull Seatrial mv Sanna

After a succesfull seatrial at the North Sea mv SANNA departed in ballast to Archangelsk to load her first cargo to Wismar.

sanna 10






sanna 11


CN Bulkers

At the last days of 2015, CN Bulkers took over 4 bulkers from a bank.

CN Bulkers is a joint venture between Universal Shipping & Trading (part of the Universal Marine Groep) and NedNor based at Groningen.

In this cooperation Universal Shipping & Trading wil do technical management, and NedNor wil do commercieel management for the vessels. These relative small bulkers of the so-called open-hatch type will be operated for the trasnport of bulk and breakbulk along the coast of the Atlantic.

After a special survey / class renewal, these 4 bulkers will be brought back in service.

The vessels will get the following names mv Sanna, mv Senja, mv Silda, mv Sotra

sotra 2

 Particulars mv Sotra

  • Length  :  137 mtr
  • Breadth  :  23 mtr
  • Draught  :  8,31 mtr
  • Deadweight  :  16.200 ton
  • Build  :  2001


Particulars mv Sanna, mv Senja en mv Silda

  • Length  :  147 mtr
  • Breadth  :  23 mtr
  • Draught  :  8,25 mtr
  • Deadweight  :  16.800 ton
  • Build  :  2009


More inforation can be found at the datasheets of mv Sanna, mv Senja, mv Silda and mv Sotra




mv Pride en mv Star II

Recently mv Pride and Star II have been taken into bareboat charter in a joint venture between Universal Shipping & Trading (part of the Universal Marine groep) and NedNor from Groningen.  In this cooperation Universal Shipping & Trading will do technisch management, and NedNor will do commercial management. These relative small bulkers will be traded with dry bulk and breakbulk along the cosat of the Atlantic.

pride 1











Particulars of the vessels

  • Length  :  151 mtr
  • Breadth  :  21 mtr
  • Draught  : 8,6 mtr
  • Deadweight  :  17.000 ton
  • Build  :  2007


More information can be found at the datasheets of mv Pride and mv Star II